Outdoor Covers

If you’re one who likes to entertain in your backyard, then you know the joys of a beautiful sunny day, an ice cool beverage, and dinner cooking on a large grill to feed family and friends. But you know as will as I do, to make this happen, someone has to clean up the patio furniture, the grill, and possibly your outdoor entertainment center. Now we all know how time-consuming it can be to prepare for a backyard barbecue, scrubbing down and rinse everything from the table and chairs to dusting off the bar stools and cleaning the grill island.

And, for those that have outdoor kitchens with stainless steel appliances or accessories, then you know the painstaking requirements for keeping them looking new. Now, what if there was a way you could stop dedicating so much time and money to clean your outdoor furniture? 

Well, there is and all it takes is a one-time investment. An investment that pays for itself over and over again, especially if you dislike cleaning your outdoor furniture in order to entertain outdoors. An outdoor cover protects your grill or outdoor kitchen and patio furniture from the harsh natural elements in your backyard. Your outdoor cover can be custom made to protect a variety of different items no matter what shape or size it is. You can protect your stainless steel grill, doors, refrigerator and much more in your outdoor kitchen or grill island. You can protect your outdoor patio furniture, outdoor TV, pool tables, and even your air conditioner.

Outdoor covers can be made from a variety of materials, but polyester, vinyl, and sunbrella fabrics are the most common. These materials provide the best protection because they are designed to survive the outdoor environment. Plus, they are treated with a water resistant chemical that safety repels water. To take it a step further, the vinyl and sunbrella fabric are UV protected to prevent fading, and the sunbrella fabric is also treated to prevent mold and mildew.

Each fabric cover has its pro and cons: the polyester is affordable and durable, but you’re limited on color choices and tend to fade under direct sunlight. Vinyl is the material they use to cover boat seats. It’s a heavier material, which is great for windy areas, but it’s also bulking when storing away. Sunbrella is light-weight and durable, and come in over 70 colors to choose from. Both, the vinyl and sunbrella are marine fabrics which are designed to withstand harsh elements like; winter, humid summer, or heavy rains.

Now there are a lot of generic covers out there with limited color choices. But if you have a unique backyard, then generic will not work. Especially if you’re hoping to match any existing covers in your backyard. At LA Custom Grill Islands, we offer outdoor covers that are custom made to form fit your unique square or curved grill islands, outdoor furniture, and more. And, you have the option to have the cover designed in a short skirt or long skirt style.

A grill island cover along with outdoor patio furniture covers will protect your backyard investment while extending their life. They will reduce the amount of time needed to clean because the outdoor elements collect on the covers and not on the counter-tops or appliances of your outdoor kitchen. But more importantly, they will keep your outdoor patio furniture cooler and protect your cushions from the harmful UV rays.