Grill Islands; Your Customizable Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Outdoor KitchenIf you are serious about your backyard cooking, then having an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate dream. Now, if outdoor entertaining is a lifestyle, then you have options that don't require you to know anything about basic construction, plumbing or masonry work. Prefabricated grill islands come in all shapes and sizes that offer a whole host of amenities. But for the extreme grilling experience, a custom built grill island, tailored to fit your cooking needs is the ideal choice.

An outdoor kitchen is a large stationary structure, which allows for various grill sizes, plenty of counter space and practically anything that you may have or want from your indoor kitchen. These days any number of amenities can easily be built into a grill island include cabinets, refrigerators and even a side burner. Whatever you have a need for, most likely can be added to your bbq island. A grill island is a great replacement for that old gas grill with something that really impresses, plus it adds value to your home.

Add Value ImageThe grill island's humble beginnings are traced back to the TV show "Dallas". As a reflection of their wealth, the producers thought that a wealthy Texas family would “barbecue” by using a gas grill. So upon request, the Ducane Company came up with and built a dual grill with lots of counter space, giving birth to an industry that now has several companies making these types of units.

Because grill islands are almost completely customizable, allows for charcoal or gas grill and whatever other appliances or amenities you might want, delivered right to your home and set in place. Only leaving the need for water, electric or gas lines to be hooked up.