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Alfa Portable Moderno Pizza Oven
Alfa Portable Moderno Pizza Oven

Alfa Portable Moderno Pizza Oven

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The Portable Moderno Pizza Oven is an actual Neapolitan pizza oven that combines technology and design in a small package. This oven is powder-coated stainless steel that is available in either Antique Red or Slate Grey in color and takes less than five minutes to assemble once the initial unit is set up is complete. Because of the innovative Heat GeniusTM technology that guarantees superior performance, while optimizing consumption it heats up to 500° C allowing you to cook a real Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds wherever you want. The cooking chamber slowly released heat from the refractory stone and irradiated evenly through the oven’s curved walls this way, all sauces cook faster, releasing even a part of its moisture, and the dough becomes crispy without burning, thus reaching the perfect balance. Extremely compact and easily moveable this unit is ideal for making pizza at any time or at any location.

  • Construction of the Forninox™ steel cooking chamber
  • Recommended fuel: Propane (Can Not Be Converted to NG)
  • OptiDome semi-sphere design
  • Shell with double-layer powder coating
  • Cooking Floor W x D: 15 3/4" x 15.3/4" with Heat KeeperTM silico-alumina refractory brick
  • Max oven temperature: 935 degrees Fahrenheit +
  • "Ready Already" Technology
  • Side fire Gas Burner
  • Overall Dimensions: 21.7" W x 20.4" D x 35.9" H

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