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Sunstone 10
Sunstone 10' Wide Pro-Sear Cooking Grate – SUNCP-SEAR

Sunstone 10" Wide Pro-Sear Cooking Grate – SUNCP-SEAR

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The Sunstone 10" Wide Pro-Sear Cooking Grate is a high heat searing grate that is constructed from extremely heavy-duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steel that is double-layered with special channel tubes that allow high heat to evenly expand across the searing surface. This enables the grate to reach temperatures over 700 degrees on the grilling surface and this perforated searing grate is perfect for searing a wide range of foods, including Hot Dogs, Bacon, Ribeye, Steaks, Burgers, and other Vegetables - the results provide a superior searing to your foods.

The Pro-Sear Cooking Grate is easily installed as an insert with the SUN13CPRO & SUNCHSZ30IR models or with the Sunstone and Ruby Series Grills, or on top of cooking grates with any other Grill available in the market. Transform your traditional gas grill into a versatile Pro-Searing system that can be used individually or as a multiple system to create the ultimate searing station. Comes fully assembled so you can drop it into place and start grilling!

Start using this 304 Stainless Steel High Heat Searing Grate and enjoy perfectly seared meats and vegetables. Order one today and surprise our family!

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