Is it time to clean your grill? If you can no longer see the Stainless Steel (SS) inside your grill, you are past due for a grill cleaning. A professional barbecue grill cleaning removes fat, mold, old grease, and carbon deposits (char), plus it can prolong the life and health of your grill. And, we are the company to help spruce up your dirty grill.

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Benefits of A BBQ Grill Cleaning

  • Reduce Risky Grease Fires.
  • Removal of Harmful Carcinogens.
  • Food tastes better when grilled on a clean barbecue.
  • A good grill cleaning brings new life to your grill.
  • Grill cleaning extends the life of your grill and can prevent future corrosion.

Our Deep Cleaning Pricing is Simple:

  • 20" - 29" Grills -- $299
  • 30" - 39" Grills -- $399
  • 40" - 49" Grills -- $499
  • Over 50" Grills -- $575

Our Process For Cleaning Your Grill:

  • First, We check the grills' operational status. check the electrical, and gas flow & control valves.
  • Then we inspect for visible rust and corrosion around the firebox.
  • If there are any major concerns, we inform the customers before cleaning the grill.
  • We remove the internal components (grates, warming rack, burner heat shields, burners) and place them into a bucket with eco-friendly cleaning detergents.
  • We steam-clean the internal walls of the grill's hood & firebox. Note: grills that show signs of rush or burnt/discolored metal will never be restored to a SS finish.
  • Power brush all cooking grates and warming racks. Note: cooking grates and warming racks will never be restored to a SS finish due to food residue, moisture from meats, and decay from lower-grade SS material.
  • Clean all food/grease residue from heat shield/briquettes. Note: Heat shields that cover & protect the burner will never be restored to an SS finish due to high-temperature heat decolorization. And for some brands, it is a low-grade SS material.
  • Install all cleaned internal components and then test the gas operation for each burner.
  • Use Stainless Steel cleaner on the outside of the grill (hood panel, back panel, and control panel)
  • For Grill Carts, additional charge for cleaning the lower section of the cart.

L.A. Custom Grill Islands also provides a grill repair service and we can provide you with a repair quote after all grill cleaning. We are authorized dealers for the following manufacturers: American Outdoor Grills (AOG), Allegra Grills, Blaze Grills, Bonfire Grills, Bull Grills, Cal Flame Grills, Coyote Grills, Delta Heat Grills, DCS Grills, Fire Magic Grills, Hestan Grills, Lion Grills, Luxor Grills, Sunstone Grills, Twin Eagles Grills. For all other grill brands, we can obtain part replacement pricing and email you a quote.

Our Grill Cleaning & Repair Service Area

Our cleaning schedule times are: Saturday 8 - 10:30 / 11 - 1:30 / 2 - 4:30

Week 1 of Our cleaning schedule begins on the 1st of each month!

Grill Cleaning Service Area

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