L.A. Custom Grill Islands has been custom building BBQ islands and installing and servicing BBQ grills for 15 years. We are an authorized dealer for American Outdoor Grills (AOG), Allegra Grills, Blaze Grills, Bonfire Grills, Bull Grills, Delta Heat Grills, DCS Grills, Fire Magic Grills, Lion Grills, Luxor Grills, Napoleon Grills, Sunstone Grills, Twin Eagles Grills, and are authorized to repair their grills, side burners, and other cooking units.

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We have recently added DEEP grill cleaning to our grill Repair service. This service applies to any grill make or model. Our deep grill cleaning removes most of the cooked-on grime that builds up in your grill from years of barbecuing. We use a high heat source to melt away cooked-on grease and grime on the BBQ grill walls and hood. All repairs and cleaning can vary from job to job, but here is our general pricing.

BBQ Grill Repairs: $125 trip charge (which covers the first 30 minutes of labor) and $30 an hour thereafter. In most cases, grill repairs are completed in one hour. The cost of parts can vary between the different grill manufacturers. In most cases, we can diagnose the problems you might be experiencing from a phone call and provide you with an estimated repair cost.

Add General Cleaning: $75:

We wire brush your cooking grates and scrape the food residue off the burner plates, we inspect the burners and lightly wire brush them, and clean out your grease drip tray.

Deep Cleaning: 30" Grills & smaller $299 / 32" to 39" Grills $299 / 40" Grills & Larger $499

For Deep Cleaning, we remove all burner ceramic, stainless steel cover plates or guards & cooking grates and soak them with food-safe cleaner. To deep clean inside the grill and under the grill's hood (we do not remove the grill's hood), we use a high heat source to melt away all cooked-on grease and grime and restore it back to a stainless steel look. We use a wire brush, and heat clean all covers and cooking grates.

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Note: Burner cover guards and cooking grates usually are lower-grade stainless steel and sit directly over a high heat source. In most cases, they will not return to a stainless steel finish. And if the grill walls show any signs of corrosion and/or heavy rust, they will not restore to a stainless steel finish.

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