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Californo 1' Thick Brick Oven Insulation Blanket

Californo 1" Thick Brick Oven Insulation Blanket

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The Californo insulating blanket is an outstanding oven dome insulator this flexible woven ceramic blanket is highly efficient and easy to install. A 3” thick layer of this insulating blanket reduces the potential 800ºF exterior of a pizza oven dome to roughly 165º Fahrenheit at equilibrium. This ceramic insulating blanket comes in a 51 sq. ft. roll at a 1" thickness, this high-density blanket is rated up to 2300º Fahrenheit (1260º Celsius).

  • Enough to cover any ovens up to the Garzoni-420
  • Use 3 layers for high-efficiency insulation
  • Easy to install and work with
  • Lightweight and highly effective for optimal pizza oven performance
  • Single Roll Size: 24" x 25 ft. x 1"

Note: This item is already included with Californo oven kits and assembled ovens

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