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Bonfire 34
Bonfire 34' Heavy Duty Grill Cover

Bonfire 34" Heavy Duty Grill Cover

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Part Number: CBB4 Cover
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The Bonfire 34-inch Heavy-Duty Grill Cover is a protective cover designed for the Bonfire CBB4LP 34" 4-Burner Built-in Gas Grill. It is made of durable and weather-resistant Oxford fabric that can protect your grill from rain, snow, dust, and UV rays. This grill cover secures tightly to the bottom of your grill and prevents it from blowing off in windy conditions. The cover is easy to clean and store when not in use.

  • Cover measurements: 34 41/64 x 25 19/32 x 25 5/32

Grab a Bonfire 34" Heavy-Duty Grill Cover today and start protecting your investment today!

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