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Blaze Flavor Bar
Blaze Flavor Bar

Blaze Flavor Bar

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Your Price: $31.44
Part Number: BLZ-32-008
Availability: Not for Sale.
* This Item Has Been Discontinued!
* Items Leave Warehouse In 1-3 Weeks

This style of flavor bar has been discontinued! It has been replaced by a new two flavor bar system; a large flavor bar (#BLZ-32-084 and small flavor bar (#BLZ-32-083)

For Complete Grill Replacement

  • A 3-burner grill requires: 3 large flavor bars plus 2 small flavor bars
  • A 4-burner grill requires: 4 large flavor bars plus 3 small flavor bars
  • A 5-burner grill requires: 5 large flavor bars plus 4 small flavor bars

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