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Blaze 30
Blaze 30' Triple Access Drawer - BLZ-30W-3DRW-LT

Blaze 30" Triple Access Drawer - BLZ-30W-3DRW-LT

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Part Number: BLZ-30W-3DRW-LT
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This Blaze 30-inch triple access drawer features ambient lighting with a clean look gives you extra room for grilling tools, is constructed with commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, and has a rounded bevel design. These fully enclosed storage drawers come with new modern style handles, an easy close assist with smooth heavy-duty sliding drawer slides. 

  • Easy close assist mechanism closes drawers with a soft touch
  • Large drawers add valuable storage space providing more storage for grilling tools and accessories
  • Drawers feature heavy-duty sliding drawer mechanisms for smooth operation
  • The rounded bevel design adds structural integrity to the drawer
  • Ambient white lighting in drawers ensures perfect, natural illumination

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