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Alfa Pizzaiolo Kit - KITPIZ
Alfa Pizzaiolo Kit - KITPIZ

Alfa Pizzaiolo Kit - KITPIZ

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Alfa offers the perfect pizza cooking toolset - the Pizziolo accessory kit! It includes all the tools for making a homemade pizza in a wood-burning pizza oven. The Kit Pizzaiolo includes the dough ball proofing box, infrared thermometer, pizza cutter, dough cutter, apron, chopping board, oven mitt, and cookbook as well as the new ALFA pizza peel set, the first extendable pizza peels. All the tools are food-use certified and chosen according to high-quality standards.

The main components of the Pizzaiolo Kit are comprised of the following:

  1. The Alfa pizza peel in perforated aluminum to get rid of the extra flour with the company logo embossed.
  2. The turner peel to rotate pizzas in the oven.
  3. An ember rake to move the fire around the wood-burning oven.
  4. The brass bristle brush to scrub clean the refractory floor of the oven.

All these tools are made of high-quality stainless steel and are adjustable by screwing their extensions of 25 cm (10" long) each to give them extra length.

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