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Alfa Brio Wood/Gas-Fired Countertop Pizza Oven
Alfa Brio Wood/Gas-Fired Countertop Pizza Oven

Alfa Brio Wood/Gas-Fired Countertop Pizza Oven

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The Alfa Brio oven is a two-pizza gas/wood hybrid oven that quickly reaches operating temperature within 20 minutes, it allows you to cook real Neapolitan pizzas in 90 seconds! Constructed from stainless steel and available in Antique Red or Yellow. The unit has a max oven temperature of 1000 degrees, which is reached by the use of a wood fire or by the 71,000 BTU gas burner. External oven temperatures are moderate because of the double layer of high-density, ceramic fiber insulation usually used in commercial pizza ovens (30% more insulation than competing products). The oven is capable of retaining as much heat as possible by limiting heat loss after a careful study of the cooking chamber’s proportions and fluid flows protected by the Alfa Flue System, the heat is trapped for a long time inside the Alfa high-density fire bricks so that they reach a good temperature for even cooking.

Choose how to set up your Alfa oven: the Brio comes in the countertop version so that you can place it on an existing surface, mount it on its dedicated base or install it on the Alfa multifunction table.

  • Heating time: 20 minutes
  • Recommended fuel: Wood or Gas (LP or Natural Gas)
  • Gas Heat Capacity: 71,000 BTU/hr
  • Chimney dimensions: 5.9"
  • Cooking Floor W x D: 27.6" x 19.7"
  • Oven Floor Area: 3.77 ft2
  • Max oven temperature: 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit +
  • Designed for a countertop, dedicated base, or multifunction table installations
  • Refractory bricks have a higher density to gradually release heat and cook better
  • BRIO oven ships LPG with parts to convert to NG
  • Overall Dimensions: 35.5" W x 28.1" D x 46.3" H (which included chimney)

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