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Alfa BBQ 500 (3-Piece Set) - AC-BBQ500-3
Alfa BBQ 500 (3-Piece Set) - AC-BBQ500-3

Alfa BBQ 500 (3-Piece Set) - AC-BBQ500-3

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The Alfa BBQ 500 (3-piece set) allows you to cook in a special way that is a mixture of baking, grilling, and barbecuing. This flexible cooking method gives you meals unparalleled results and cooking is easier because of the rotary grill and tongs. The BBQ 500 can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius and the action of the chimney flue removes the nuisances of smoke.

BBQ 500 consists of three simple pieces:
  1. The pan contains hot embers and serves as support.
  2. The rotary grill on which the food is placed rests on the pan.
  3. The tongs for grasping and turning the grill to ensure even cooking without burning yourself.

Other features:

  • Can be used in both wood-fired and gas-fired ovens.
  • Not compatible with Alfa Nano & Ciao ovens.
  • Can withstand very high temperatures (up to 1 000 °C).
  • Blending two different sources of heat makes meat crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • Seize the grill with the tongs to rotate it and move it to the hottest parts of the oven.

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