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Built in Grill Warranty Info.

Amercian Outdoor Grill Warranty

  • AOG stainless steel burners are warranted for 15 years.
  • All other AOG Grill parts are warranted for 10 years.
Except as noted below:
  • Ignition systems (excluding batteries), accessories (including sideburners, motors and thermometers)
    & vaporizer panels are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase.

Bull Outdoor Products Warranty

  • Lifetime-Firebox & Grate
  • 20 Year full replacement Cast Burners
  • 1 Year on remaining parts (except light bulbs)
  • 1 year on door and drawer handle replacement

Cal Flame Grill Warranty

  • Lifetime on Burners
  • 1 Year on Firebox

Fire MagicOutdoor Gas Grill Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Fire Magic cast stainless steel burners, stainless steel rod cooking grids, and stainless steel housings are warranted for as long as you own your Fire Magic Grill.

Fifteen Year Warranty

Fire Magic brass valves, backburner assemblies (except ignition systems) and manifold assemblies are warranted for fifteen (15) years. Five Year Warranty Infrared burners are warranted for five (5) years. Charcoal stainless steel grills are warranted for five (5) years, except for the charcoal pan and ash tray, which are warranted for one (1) year.

Three Year Warranty

Fire Magic sideburners and all other Fire Magic Grill components (except ignition systems and electrical parts) are warranted for three (3) years.

One Year Warranty

Fire Magic ignition systems, electrical components (including lights and thermometer) and grill accessories are warranted for one year.

Luxor Outdoor Gas Grill Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty
American Heating Technologies must give authorization in writing, to the customer to return the defective parts.

Limited Five Year Warranty

A.H.T. warrantees the structural integrity of the interior grill parts, exterior, and drip pans to be free from defects in material and workmanship, when subjected to normal domestic use and service, for a period of five years from the date of purchase.

Limited One Year Warranty

A.H.T. warrantees the stainless steel body housing, ceramic infra red burners, and the stainless steel burners to be free from defects in material and workmanship when subjected to normal domestic use and service for the lifetime of the original purchaser. This warranty excludes discoloration, surface corrosion, and scratches which may occur during regular use.

Shipping and Return Policy